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  • Mara Koch, MA, CCH

Why Homeopathy?

When my first child was just a few months old, she became sick with a fever and was inconsolable. I was a new mother and very anxious about my child’s health, so I took her to the urgent care where they said that she had an ear infection and prescribed an antibiotic. I gave her one dose of the antibiotic, and she began to vomit and worsened. Instinctively, I knew that the antibiotic was not what she needed, so I discontinued it, cared for her in all of the ways that I knew, and she soon felt better. After this experience, I began to educate myself about health and childhood illnesses.

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Shortly after that, my mother gave me my first homeopathic remedy kit and a book to go with it. This began my homeopathy journey! I was grateful to have an option for my baby girl that had no side effects, was safe, and didn’t interfere with her natural ability to heal. I felt empowered to help my child in ways that I hadn’t been previously. Aside from prescribing medication, I could give my daughter everything she needed, when she was sick.

Nine months later, I was ready, when my nephew exposed her to chickenpox. She started to get sniffly, so I knew that the pox would likely come next. When I saw the first mark, I immediately gave her Rhus Toxicodendron and started with oatmeal baths. She only had a handful of pox on her body, rarely scratched at them, and was well within a few days. This made me a believer in homeopathy! Her cousin’s experience had been much different, and what felt like a scary childhood disease was easily managed.

Homeopathy became my treatment of choice for all three of my daughters from that point forward! It is backed by over 200 years of clinical experience. It empowers families to treat their children and themselves for common ailments. It supports the development of children’s healthy immune systems, instead of suppressing the natural immune response. There are no side effects, and it is non-toxic. As a young family, it was an affordable form of alternative healthcare. Plus, my children never complained about taking the little sugar pills!

As a young mom, this was a win-win situation. For me, it made so much sense to learn all that I could, and I became a professional homeopath when my kids were older and out of the house. These are my personal why’s for homeopathy. What are your why’s for utilizing homeopathy and other forms of alternative healthcare?

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