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  • Mara Koch, MA, CCH

In Times of Great Change Turn to Homeopathy

One thing that I think we can all agree upon is that the last three years have been a time of transition and change. So much has happened since Spring 2020, that it can leave us feeling ill at ease with this new way of life and some of the health challenges that we have faced during this time. With growing dissatisfaction over conventional medicine, homeopathy provides an effective alternative – treating the individual and her unique symptoms without side effects. Homeopathy isn’t just indicated for physical symptoms but is also a great choice for concerns of mental health.

Many continue to feel the lingering effects of isolation and lockdown. Anxiety among children in particular is at an all-time high. Aconitum napellus is an apt remedy for those times when anxiety becomes debilitating. It is indicated for sudden attacks of fear and feeling as if death is imminent – both common symptoms of panic attacks. Many were in a heightened state of fear for months, and this remedy can be helpful for ailments resulting from shock and trauma.

Some have lost significant people in their lives or are experiencing grief in some manner. Ignatia can be a useful homeopathic remedy to ease some of the symptoms of the grieving process. It helps with sleeplessness from grief and the rollercoaster of emotions and moods that can border on hysteria. It is particularly indicated, if one is having difficulty concentrating and is sensitive to noise. There is the sensation of a lump in the throat that so often accompanies sorrow and grief.

All of this stress and change has worn most of us out! The acid remedies in homeopathy are known for cases of exhaustion and tremendous weakness. Phosphoric acid is a useful remedy for mental exhaustion, especially when it stems from the emotional plane. Generally strong individuals can become overwhelmed by acute diseases or prolonged periods of emotional intensity – particularly related to worry and grief. They become listless and apathetic – indifferent to the things that they used to enjoy and just want to be left alone. I recall quite a few teens who fell into a similar state back in 2020.

Homeopathy is an effective source of support for individuals going through times of transition on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, even spiritual. Well-chosen remedies allow a person to move through the changes more easily and without getting stuck. Treatment supports them in optimizing their unique strengths and ability to respond and heal from traumatic events. As I see it, homeopathy is an essential complementary healthcare resource for this poignant time in our history.

So often, when I’m seeing clients for a physical condition, it becomes evident that they would also benefit from a safe space to talk about their feelings and experiences. We are whole individuals, and we experience dis-ease throughout all levels of our being. For these reasons, I am offering a Navigating Transitions package. It includes three months of treatment – a comprehensive homeopathic intake with remedy suggestions, follow-ups, and multiple coaching sessions. We’ll meet twice a month for three months to support you through your own time of transition. Check out my website for more information on this therapeutic package or schedule a free consultation to see if this would be a helpful choice for you.

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